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If your in a band or do a label or something (especially in Western, MA) you must trade links with me.
     The Hallraker and Warren Commission pages on The Unity Power site are not the official bands' pages. I just made my own cause I really like both bands alot. For the most up-to-date info on the Commission and the Raker click their links below.

All I Can I play bass in this band
The Warren Commision
Knuckle Sandwich
The Marshes
Catch 13
Year of our Lord
Money Penny
Shadows Fall
The GrandPrixx
Kill Your Idols
Stretch Arm Strong
Born to Resist
Die My Will
In Reach
Los Crudos
Charles Bronson This is one of my favorite bands

Skarmy of Darkness


Record Companies

Sike Records
Pin Drop Records
Ellington Records
Phyte Records
Dischord Records
Revelation Records
Dogprint I was just informed that Bill used this guys logo as a model for the finely crafted Unity Power fist of pride.
New Found Hope Record lable outta NYC
Solution Records Chris White's label


Hardcore/Scene Sites

Sirama's World Martha tried to get me to fill out one of her surveys but I feel pretty weird about doing those types of things.
Line of Fire Another Line of Fire? This is an all-around cool hardcore page. They put up one of my banners... hell yeah!
Brett's Page This is Brett All I Can's Western MA hardcore page
East Coast Hardcore Website
John Torrone's page
No! A web page from France (I think). Cool stuff! A punk rock community type of thing
Effection This is Rob Effection's page. Rob's a good guy.



Macromedia Shockrave They have a bunch of different games you can play here online. I could spend hours here... I have spent hours here. You know that line from the band we all love, "Instead of thinking we play Donkey Kong and there's something wrong with that." Well, it must be (kind of) refering to this. Oh yeah, you need the shockwave plug-in so you better download it muther-fuko.


Misc Crazy ass experimental shit. If you're into HTML and Java scripting you can really appreciate what this guy is doing.
Link Buttons A page with several different link buttons; Funny and serious.

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