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The original line-up was: Bill Rodrigues-vocals, Nate Doughty-drums and Ben Reigle-guitar. They Played one show December 9, 1994 with Endure,Persist and Nigel 6. Dan Horlitz began playing bass and they played their second show on January 27, 1995 with Cornerstone, Justify, Shadows Fallen, Amimissing and Uplift. By the spring of '95 Ben left the band and began playing bass for Irresolution. Ed Muska began playing guitar. Jeff Burke filled in on drums for the summer of '95 and the Tag Team demo was recorded. Being the D.I.Y.-sters that they are they recorded the demo on a four track in Dan's basement. By the spring of '96 things were looking good and so Line of Fire recorded their first 7" EP entitled "Your Side" thereby beginning Unity Power Records. In the fall of '96 Ed left to move to up-state New York. Dan switched over to guitar, Nate Fay began playing bass and Ben Reigle rejoined playing guitar. Their second 7" was recorded and released as a split with Capgun on Unity Power.

Line of Fire is

Bill Rodrigues–Vocals
Dan Horlitz–Guitar
Ed Muska–Bass
Nate Doughty–Drums

Since the summer of '97 Ben and Nate Fay have left the band. Good 'ol Ed Muska has since moved back from NY and now plays bass.
        Line of Fire played their last show on Saturday, May 16th 1998. It was a great show... Warren Commission, Scurvy, Onslaught, Last In Line, Catch 13 and Ski Mask played. Thanks so much to all the kids who attended.