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Directions to the OLD STORE, Palmer

Direction to the TURNHALL, Holyoke

Directions to Gabby's, Westfiled

Old Store Shows
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 19th "its a very merry christmas special at" with THE SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN (dont miss their christmas set!) THE GRAND PRIXX (stupid punk band) THE WARREN COMMISSION (sing know you want to) SHE'S A GUY (new hamphirse punk rockers babay) SUPERAGENT (so good, so sweet, love them) $5.....7pm. come in santa costume get in free christmas with THE SHOWCASE SHOWDOWN (in palmer...) what could be better??

SATURDAY, JANUARY 9th this is metal. this is mayhem. this is SEVEN DAY CURSE MOTIVE PIECEMEAL DIE MY WILL REDTIDE $5.....7pm bother jarrod at for more caca on this one. gruncha gruncha grrrr.

FRIDAY, JANUARY 29th mark your calendars now, cancel all appointments, ATOM' s coming to town..... ATOM AND HIS PACKAGE THE MARSHES (other bands to be confirmed) $5....7pm

Infinity Shows
Sun. Dec. 20 Last in Line, Malice & more tba

Sun. Dec. 27 Shadows Fall, Candiria Hate Machine / Skinless / Red Tide

Sun. Jan. 10 Crisis, Aftershock

Sun. Jan. 17 Earth Crisis, Fury of Five Fastbreak / 100 Demons / Reach The Sky

Sun. Jan. 24 Sam Black Church, Shed Hate Machine / Shoot the Dancing Bear / 637 Sun. Feb. 7 H2O

Sun. Feb. 14 Incantation / Angel Corpse Vital Remains, Burial, Torn Asunder

December 26 at the Turnhall so far is going to be: HYPNOTIC KICK(you know them, you like them), MONEY PENNY, SHOOT THE DANCING BEAR(cd on sike soon), SHWAGG!!!(members of The Warren Commission), PLENTY(maybe?), and BUY ONE GET ONE FREE CHARLES MANSON. SO GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

January 23rd at the Turnhall, Holyoke, MA
ALL I CAN, IN REACH, KID CLAY (we're not sure if this is our name yet, Jeff doesn't like it), LAST IN LINE, possibly TIME FLIES (va.) and some kinda of big-ass headlining band

Gabby's Shows, Westfiled, MA
Saturday, January 2- Oi!, punk- Bullyrag, The Paxton Boys, Brassknuckles, The Billy Yanks, The Strikers, and Fuse 13. Show Stars at 7:00. $6 to get in.

Saturday, February 20- Punk Rock show!- 30 Seconds Over Tokyo, Blacklist, 12 Cent, Grand Prixx, The Lewinskis, and one more TBA. Show Starts at 7:00. $6 to get in.