All I Can
This song is unreleased. It may appear on a compilation in dedication of Chris Ostrowski.

Take Blood
This is from the Monster in My Head 7" compilation.

Youth of Today's Positive Outlook
This is Line of Fire doing a Y.O.T. cover. It was supposed to be on a animal rights benefit compilation but it never came out.

I want to order some Line of Fire stuff!
(just to let you know, none of the audio clips here are from the 7" pictured to the left... The 7" is much better)


Don't Get Your Hopes Up
This song appears on the Warren Commission CD ep "What the Rain Doesn't Know"

Welcome Home
This song is from the Warren Commission demo.

I want to order some Warren Commission stuff!

This is from Hallraker's "Methods of..." CD.
  Crash Davis
This is the "new band." It's me and Bill from Line of Fire.

The Strong
This is a pretty crappy recording... It's from one of our practices. It was recorded with a little tape recorder that we hung from the rafters. You probably don't even want to listen to it.

Here's another crappy audio clip from practice.