The "new band" finally has a name: Crash Davis. We just played our first show on December 26th in Stonkie's basement in Somers, CT. I think we did pretty good. My amp went out a bunch of times cause I was using a crappy patch chord. The "new band" is comprised of me (DanOfFIRE) on guitar, Bill of L.O.F. on vocals as well as Steve on guitar, Jeff on drums and Eric on bass. We have some fast, crazy tunes. Come check us out... I'll keep our shows posted. We have a crappy audio clip that you can check out if you want.
        The In Reach 7" will be out on U.P. by mid-January. I've been really slow with things lately so that's why it isn't already out. Hey, I guess it's more punk rock that way.

Warren Commission

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Misc Photos
A bunch of photos taken by Kevin at the December 12th Old Store show.