The Warren Commission began with Jon, Andy and Doug working on songs almost 2 years ago. They met up with Sarah and a drummer named Brian. Brian didn't work out and so they got Eddy. Things went smoothly and they recorded a demo at the end of June '97 at Goat Song with Steven Wardlaw (of the Marshes... Say isn't that the band with the drummer of Dag Nasty?) They played they're first show on September 6th in Gloudester, Massachusettes with Will Haven, Striken for Catherine and Slower than Seasons.
At the moment, Warren Commission is working on a 7" to be released as a joint project between Warren Commission, Solution and Unity Power. They also are continuing to write new material and are planning a tour this summer.

Some random tidbits of info: Eddie works for the post office, Andy plays in another band called Schwag, Eddie is married, Hallraker is the greatest, Warren Commission is the nicest group of kids I've ever met in my life.

Warren Commission is

Sarah Vocals
Doug Guitar
Andy Bass
Jon Guitar, Vocals
Eddy Drums